All our home cooked dishes are ready to reheat and eat!

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We deliver to Cardiff and Penarth areas.


Order before 6pm, we will deliver the next day after 4pm,

minimum order £15.

ORDERS: or 07429 249 709


Seasonal Soup and Tarts:

Soup of the Day  -  based on seasonal vegetables, please ask! - 16oz. £3.00

Cheese Swirls – excellent side for your soup (V) – 3pcs. £3.00

Broccoli Tart (V) - slice £3.00 or entire £12.00

Quiche Lorraine - slice £3.00 or entire £12.00


Main course


Our Street-Food customer’s preferred choice, potatoes, bacon, yogurt, melt of cheese, all baked in oven (GF) - £7.00

Poulet Chasseur

Chicken cooked in white wine, cherry tomatoes, button mushrooms, served with

seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes - £10.00

Papillote de Poisson

Oven cooked fish of the day, served with seasonal vegetables and giant couscous, bacon, baby potatoes - £10.00

Cheese and Spinach Pancakes

Pancakes with Blue, Camembert and Cheddar cheese, spinach garlic and creme. (V) - £7.00 (2pcs)

Beef Bourguignon

Slow cooked beef in red wine, bacon, onions, carrot, mushrooms. Served with seasonal green vegetables and mashed potatoes (GF) - £10.00

Slice of Pork Shoulder

Slow cooked pork, onions, garlic. Served with seasonal green vegetables and mashed potatoes (GF) - £10.00



Tart Tatin

Cinnamon, caramel and sweet apples. - slice £3.00 or entire £12.00

Gâteau au Chocolat

Delicious French chocolate cake. - slice £3.00 or entire £12.00

Seasonal Fruit Salad

(GF,V) - £3.00

ORDERS:    07429 249 709