Rue de la Cocotte is a small business run by family loving food and good taste. We have travelled the Europe trying various tastes of regional cuisines. Our favourite is classic French food which we have learned and cooked while staying in France for fabulous two years. We are now cooking in Wales and want to share our tasty homemade food with you as this is what we love to do, feeding others! Our rule is to use fresh and seasonal ingredients and to change our menu all year around. We use meat from local butchers and vegetables from regional producers. You can meet us on streets of Cardiff and area as well as various markets and food festivals. We are happy to bring our equipment to your event as well. Check out our menu and let us know what you like the most!


We are not afraid of any challenge, if you think of any other dish, just ask us, perhaps we can do it for you!


Rue de la Cocotte